Nov 2016

Kite Foil Australia's Firefish Released!

Kite Foil Australia has just released the new D3 designed KFA Firefish, a flat wing with asymmetrical elevator with wingtips for high speed racing. Full press release by KFA below:


"After 12 months of designing, testing and prototyping we are finally ready to release the new KFA Hydrofoil designed by D3 Applied Technologies.
This foil is suitable for Kitefoiling, Windfoil (Windsurfing) and Stand Up Paddle/ SUP foiling and a very stable and easy to ride foil great for any type of riding including freeride, race and big air.

The new wing is called the FireFish and is a completely new design compared to the MakoV1 and V2. The front wing is flat with a high aspect ratio with less surface area and a powerful profile designed to go even faster in strong winds. The fuselage has also been redesigned making it stiffer and more solid. The new back wing is higher aspect ratio as well and features an asymmetric profile for better pitch balance.

The Firefish comes in 2 different sizes.
FF 601 designed for course racing.
FF Firefish 575 for VMax speed, long distance and freeriding.

We are offering the Firefish with either fixed aftwing or adjustable aft wing. The adjustable option is recommended for Windsurfing Foiling and SUP Foiling being able to adjust the angle of attack for preferred lift.

The foil is suitable for all of our current Masts including 102cm Plate, 106cm Plate , 112cm Tuttle.

We cannot wait for you to try the FireFish, it is very easy and so much fun to ride."


Source: http://www.kitefoil.com.au/kfa-releases-new-firefish-foil/