Mar 2017

First Exploder AD3 A-Class R&D Camp - February 2017

An Exploder A-Class R&D camp was hosted this February just 30min drive from D3's design office. Although usually conducted at Mar Menor together with the Polish squad led by Jacek, this year it was carried out in the calm waters of the Ria de Arosa, Galicia, perfect for foiling and speed trials.


It was a pleasure sharing time on the water with such a line up of friends and sailors. The feedback we gathered was fantastic to give us input on how the latest developments are working and also setting the trends towards those to come.


Thank you very much guys and girls for an amazing week and thank you Jakub and Exploder for trusting us with such a fantastic project.


See you all on the next edition. Best regards,


Gonzalo Redondo

Centro Galego de Vela