Mar 2018

What's next?

The photo above is the current team in our former office. From left to right Manuel, Tomas, myself, Rafa and Simón. Fran and Rubén, both HPCs system administrators, usually work remotely so they could not make it to the farewell picture. The group has grown and will keep growing in the next few months with 2 or 3 new engineers, so we have decided to move to a new office that would suit us better.


It has been quite a journey since the day I started with D3 Applied Technologies. My first office was what today is my son's bedroom. So much has happened in the last 6 years! This place has been a resemblance of how we understand life and work. So far we have been lucky enough to get plenty of work, so it is quite a relief to close this chapter with such a positive balance.


This year we will do our best to keep responding to our clients while we face some very challenging and exciting design projects.


Thank you very much to everybody involved. Best regards,


Gonzalo Redondo