Nov 2018

Congratulations to Glenn Ashby and Andrew Landenberger, A-Class World Champions in Open and Classic divisions! Both of them sailing our eXploder AD3 platform.

Congrats as well to Mischa Heemskerk for a stunning performance and 2nd overall on his DNA F1x. Great development this year, which is both good for the class and to keep our own motivation up!

Mar 2018

The photo above is the current team in our former office. From left to right Manuel, Tomas, myself, Rafa and Simón. Fran and Rubén, both HPCs system administrators, usually work remotely so they could not make it to the farewell picture. The group has grown and will keep growing in the next few months with 2 or 3 new engineers, so we have decided to move to a new office that would suit us better.

Nov 2017

We are very pleased to share with you the VS40, our Volvo Multihull Inshore Racing proposal, a performance orientated 40 foot foiling catamaran with Volvo inspired Scandinavian aesthetics that can be folded into a single container. The unique ease of pack up and assembly driven by the tender document results in a boat that is well suited to an expansion as a class complementary to the Volvo Ocean Race.

Oct 2017

Gonzalo Redondo's Q&A in Catamaran Racing News & Design regarding the eXploder project and their World Title.


Thank you very much Martín Vanzulli.




Sep 2017

Glad to see the brand new D46 performing so good. The hull shape has been designed by D3 Applied Technologies in collaboration with Isonaval. It features transverse steps and 4x350hp outboard engines, reaching 48 knots in no time!