Oct 2016

Steve Brewin wins NSW State A-Class Championship riding an Exploder AD3. Dave Brewer 2nd and Darren Bundock 3rd. Robert Griffits reports:

Sep 2016

Tymek Bendyk and Chris Rashley winners of the Polish and UK Nationals sailing the Exploder Ad3, which takes 5 out of 6 spots in both podiums.

Sep 2016

MDV1 fishing vessel, whose linesplan and performance have been designed and optimized by D3 Applied Technologies in collaboration with KME, has been nominated for the Ship of the Year 2016 prize.

Jul 2016

Sharing this nice video-article from Sailing World as our small tribute to our great friend, and D3 family member, Sofia Bekatorou. Amazing, brave and encouraging campaign she is doing, first with Kostas Trigonis and now with Michalis Pateniotis.

Jul 2016

Together with the Port Authority and Applus, D3 Applied Technologies is conducting a high resolution wind study of the outer port of A Coruña to establish a wind database. This database is to be consulted for port operations.