Jul 2016
We have smashed a World Record! Guy Bridge, on his Kite Foil Australia- KFA foil, designed by D3 Applied Technologies, has set a new World Record around the Isle of Wight!
Jun 2016

The airframe designed by D3 Applied Technologies, cover story of Unmanned Systems Technology June/July 2016. This airframe was designed in-house by means of the most advanced methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD.

Jun 2016

So proud ALTI has adopted as their flagship the fixed wing UAV we designed in 2013-2014 at D3 Applied Technologies, built by Carbonix in Australia. This system is an evolution of the original COMETA airframe we developed in-house in 2013-2014, just in this case it features a VTOL take-off system.

Jun 2016

Darren Bundock sailing for the first time the AD3 at the Exploder training camp in Sopot, Poland, right before the A-Class Worlds 2016 in Medemblik, Holland.


Darren Bundock: "First day out with the new flying machine - Exploder AD3 in Sopot, Poland"

Jun 2016

Proud to have supported Rodman Polyships on the design and performance prediction of the new high speed catamaran, Rodman R90. Amazing they have gone from design to sea trials in less than 5 month.