Feb 2016

Documentary on the conception, design, construction and operation of the 30m High Efficiency Fishing Vessel, MDV-1 Immanuel.


...“Calling in the help of an outsider - in this case a yacht designer - is a very efficient way to spur innovation.” CFD sofware was used by D3 Applied Technologies (Spain) to compare various hull shapes in various wave conditons, always comparing with the standard trawler as a benchmark....

Feb 2016

Have a look at the work we carried out some time ago together with SEN Portugal for the design of a new wet exhaust for a high speed 35m motor yacht. Three phases (water, air & exhaust gas) all at once in one simulation setup to make sure it works at its best while the performance of the yacht is not affected!

Jan 2016

Congrats for the Nationals Stevie! Great birthday present!

Steve Brewin became the Australian Champion for the 3rd time today at their 2016 Nationals at South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club. Foils designed by D3 Applied Technologies. 

Oct 2015
Sep 2015

De Antonio Yatchs announced the expansion of its range with four new models that built upon the original’s unique design including their largest model and latest icon: the D43. The D43 offers the efficient, modern design of the smaller yachts in the range with more space and speed.