Aug 2017

Back home with family with this great feeling of accomplishment and gratitude after 10 exceptional days at the A-class Worlds Sopot 2017. In the end, taking risks and working hard always pay off. It feels fantastic to be part of the eXploder team.

Steven Brewin, you have nailed it at this worlds. You were so determined it was just meant to be. Big congrats to you and to your family, big part of it! Thank you for the gesture of calling us on stage.


Jakub, you have done an amazing job not only building this awesome boat but also investing on development and setting up a team on a way everybody feels an important part of it. Together with Stevie, you deserve it the most.

Thanks to pretty much every exploder sailor that has directly or indirectly sent comments and feedback to us, key to the development of the boat. Special thanks to Jacek Noetzel, Darren G Bundock, Tymoteusz Bendyk, Kuba Surowiec, Manuel Calavia, Trigonis Konstantinos, Anton Paz, Maciej ┼╗arnowski and obviously Stevie as well. Thank you for never being satisfied. On Stevie’s win there’s a bit of every single one of you guys.


Well done Polish squad for organizing such a superb event. Thanks to Helena, Paula, Gordon and all media involved for covering it.


Super proud of the whole team. Now the pressure is on our shoulders and we will do our best to keep performing. Plenty of ideas to be tested and most importantly refreshed motivation to fuel us throughout the next season!


Gonzalo Redondo, Managing Director @ d3 Applied Technologies



Aug 2017

We have been chasing the World Title with eXploder for quite some time and we are glad we finally won the A-Cat worlds with Steve Brewin. Not only that but the whole podium and top 8 was filled by eXploder D3 boats. Very proud of the team effort! Particularly, big congrats to Jakub who is the main responsible for this to happen.



Aug 2017

Gonzalo Redondo, Managing Director of D3 Applied Technologies and design lead for eXploder, talks about his work over the last two years and what is is like being part of the development team. 



Jul 2017

Such a deserved article by Héctor Atienza in Expansion describing the SL42, a hybrid daysailer designed by Santi Lange in collaboration with P & F Yacht Design. We are pleased to have supported them with hydrodynamic simulations to make sure the hullshape was refined for minimum drag at low speeds as well as good performance in semi-displacement mode.


Jul 2017

After many months of development and testing, The Virus is releasing the new slalom windsurf D3 designed fin and foil. Available in many sizes that are interchangeable, the high aspect ratio foil will surely promote early planing and smooth rides!