Aug 2017

Gonzalo Redondo, Managing Director of D3 Applied Technologies and design lead for eXploder, talks about his work over the last two years and what is is like being part of the development team. 



Jul 2017

Such a deserved article by Héctor Atienza in Expansion describing the SL42, a hybrid daysailer designed by Santi Lange in collaboration with P & F Yacht Design. We are pleased to have supported them with hydrodynamic simulations to make sure the hullshape was refined for minimum drag at low speeds as well as good performance in semi-displacement mode.


Jul 2017

After many months of development and testing, The Virus is releasing the new slalom windsurf D3 designed fin and foil. Available in many sizes that are interchangeable, the high aspect ratio foil will surely promote early planing and smooth rides!


Jun 2017

We are glad to introduce the new Rodman R100 fast-ferry with a LOA of 30m. The hullshape has been designed and optimized by D3 Applied Technologies in order to reach speeds higher than 30 knots in the sea conditions she will encounter in her daily route between Ibiza and Formentera.



Mar 2017

Definitively not our business but if any Exploder AD3 owner wants to purchase an accurate inclinometer for measuring rudder and mast rake, you are welcome to contact us. It just happens that we have a 3D printer in the office so why not making a few of these devices if they are as helpful to you as they have been for us. One per fleet would be sufficient. Next week we'll share some setups so we all speak the same language.