Jan 2013

Martín Vanzulli, from catsailingnews.com, goes through a detailed interview to Gonzalo Redondo, founder and managing director of D3 Applied Technologies:

"Gonzalo Redondo has an inside view of current yacht design at the highest level. Being involved in several projects but specially on latest Volvo and Acup campaigns, he has developed a great knowledge and experience on the Fluid Dynamics and Engineering of top performance vessels.

Gonzalo has left Artemis design team recently to found his own CFD company, D3 Applied Techonologies. An A Class sailor also currently working on a new A-Cat, the D3 with Dominik Scheurer.


Jan 2013

So far 3 new board configurations have been tested and 2 more to run today. In order to make sure we are designing an all-around boat, we test them at all range of boat speeds on a free to trim and sink, fully appended set-up. Results so far are promising showing similar performance upwind and about 3.5% better performance downwind than the previous generation boards.

Nov 2012

The Canadian based IT company Ciara Technologies has become D3's main hardware provider through the acquisiton of a Nexxus C 4000 HPC featuring liquid cooling, Infiniband networking, 108 Intel Xeon E5 cores, 192GB of RAM and a storage system including a RAID of 14TB as well as Solid State Disks in all the nodes.